Nuts & Butts on Lockout!

Nuts & Butts is going to be on lockout for an unknown amount of time.

…To Be Continued!

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NFL: Week 9 Pigskin Picks

Nuts & Butts is embarrased and probably should take a week off from picking games this weekend after the last time.  After dropping a deuce in my picks last week I was hoping that the games this week would be a little easier.  I was totally wrong and I have no confidence in myself this week that I went with my gut on all the picks and I wouldn’t be surprised if I put up a goose egg.  If anyone has any advice I would be glad to hear it but don’t EVEN try to speak to me for a few days IF Alabama loses to LSU in the Super Bowl of college football … ROLL TIDE!

Here are my picks for Week 9:

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College Football: LSU vs Alabama Prediction

There isn’t many words I can say to hype this game up anymore than what has already been said.  I have been waiting for this game since last year and I can’t remember one that has given me goose pimples like this one.  The “Game of the Century” will be between the LSU Tigers and the Alabama Crimson Tide!

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Movie Preview: Tower Heist

There hasn’t been too many good movies to come out lately and there wasn’t very many that came out during the Summer that were too impressive either, for that matter.  Summer is usually the most popular time for the biggest and best movies to come out.  I only went to one movie during the past few months, Moneyball, and it was a good one.  This weekend there is actually a decent looking movie hitting the theaters called Tower Heist.  It’s loaded with some good actors but the main reason I would like to see it is because of the comedian Eddie Murphy.  That guy is a funny dude and he hasn’t been seen in any movies recently so I’m hoping he doesn’t disappoint.

Welcome back Detective Axel Foley!

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Bad QB Fantasy League: Week 8

While the QB play has been very impressive thus far this season there has been no shortage of the opposite.  Even the best QBs in the NFL have been flopping as of lately and we now don’t really know which QB will show up for their respected teams.  The BQBL is getting more contributors every week!

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Dexter Recap: The Angel Of Death

Another episode without Dexter doing any killing himself which makes me wonder if they are getting soft.  I’m sure they will make up for it next week with twice as much killing!

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Music: Songs Of The Month

Drake feat. Nicki Minaj – Make Me Proud

Coldplay – Paradise

Toby Keith – Red Solo Cup

B.O.B. feat. Lil Wayne – Strange Clouds

Eric Church – Drink In My Hand

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